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shardofwinter: (Heart of Ice)

Walk with me on the mountains

I like my head in the clouds

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Name:Reynard North
Reynard North is a name he picked up during a particularly strong winter in France 1650. It stuck, though he often just goes by 'North'.

He is a physical incarnation of Winter, or aspects of it, at least. He has the power to control the elements of Winter including ice, cold air and snow in the same way as a spirit. However, during Summer, his affinity with the cold retreats and hibernates, making him almost human. Most of this time is spent trying to go somewhere cold. These days he gravitates towards mountains, using his understanding of the world of ice to make a bit of a living.

Once Winter hits, he takes on his role as the season's aide-de-camp. He uses his abilities to encourage the tasks, habits and nature of Winter. It's here that he becomes less of a person and more of a cold spirit.

It's also worth noting that, yes, he does wear 17th century clothing, even in ages past. He took a shine to it and doesn't particularly care if other people disapprove. Often, the people he works with know his information is far too valuable to complain about his sense of style. Although he will go without a sword, begrudgingly, for the sake of modern society.

[[Reynard is an OC just for fun RP times. PB is Santiago Cabrera. This is all non-profit, etc. Mun and Muse 18+.]]
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